Oregon Independent Film Festival
Program Guide

2014 OIFF






DAY ONE: Sept 17th 2014

Bijou Metro Cinemas

Eugene, Oregon


DAY TWO: Sept 18th 2014

Bijou Metro Cinemas

Eugene Oregon


DAY THREE: Sept 19th 2014

Clinton Street Theatre

Portland, Oregon


DAY FOUR: Sept 20th 2014

Clinton Street Threatre

Portland, Oregon


DAY FIVE: Sept 21st 2014

Clinton Street Theatre

Portland, Oregon


DAY SIX: Sept 22nd 2014

Venue TBA

Portland, Oregon

2014 OIFF

1st place

Gone Things
by Martin Joseph

Several generations of strangers find themselves absorbed into a week of chaos and violence, seemingly orchestrated from an invisible hand guiding their individual mythologies of loss into a shocking collision of multiple realities into a frighting common ground in this years OIFF 1st Place Award Winning Unproduced Screenplay.

2nd place

Summer B
by Evan Worth

Jason tries to win his girlfriend Taylor back after leaving her to pursue his dream, in this modern coming of age dramatic screenplay by Evan Worth.

3rd place

The Cursed Flesh
by Anders Nelson

In the years between World War II and McCarthy, a Hays Code romance blossoms between James McLoughlin, a 17-year-old actor and religious demagogue, and Stephanie Jacobs, a widow of the Korean War. They never kiss, but together they re-enact a single scene from 'The Cursed Flesh'-a notorious and violent horror film of its era-over and over again.

Best Short Screenplay / Teleplay

Ocotillo Road
by Paul Durrant

A family of three illegal, Mexican immigrants crosses paths with two elderly ranchers. Now the ranchers have to chose between their morals and the law in this dramatic Teleplay.