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The Oregon Independent Film Festival is known for our championing of local and independent cinema. Honored for our comprehensive documentary programming, and developing a buzz around our experimental and horror programming, OIFF invites you to check out our brilliant films each fall in when the sun is out, and the hiking, skiing, and outdoor fun are also thriving in the summer-fall vacation season.



The Oregon Independent Film Festival exists to discover and showcase the best independent films of the past year (with a curatorial emphasis on documentaries and student films) while promoting the majestic state of Oregon as a travel destination for film lovers.

Oregon Independent Film Fest News

The Oregon Independent Film Festival is run by local film lovers and supported by student volunteers that are passionate about independent cinema. Each year OIFF has grown in size and reputation thanks to a commitment towards selecting and promoting only the best in new and unheralded independent filmmaking.

Recently OIFF has showcased new documentaries on The Flaming Lips, and screened the 'lost' home movies of Bob Marley, featured work from the co-creator of the Myst & Riven computer games, debuted 'El Milagro' the ground-breaking documentary on child labor, and hosted a special screening of the hit European film sequels 'East is East' and 'West is West' as OIFF programmed over 60 films from 14 countries including a healthy selection of Pacific Northwest filmmakers.

Home to one of the biggest documentary screening programs in the northwest, OIFF screens a huge selection of documentary films with a wide selection of documentary awards and screening categories.


The Immortal Augustus Gladstone

El Milagro

From the director of the video games Myst and Riven comes this feature film that combines elements of horror with a comedic touch to make subtle and powerful dramatic messages. A truly independent film.



The Oregon Independent Film Festival is also showcasing Esther Anderson & Gian Godoy's documentary film Bob Marley: The Making Of A Legend, featuring footage lost for over 30 years of home movie style footage including interviews with the King of Reggae before he was famous.


Well Now You're Here, There's No Way Back

El Milagro

The amazing film Well Now You're Here,There's No Way Back tells the story behind the formation, rise, and rebirth of heavy metal band Quiet Riot and a surprisingly personal.




The Oregon Independent Film Festival's legendary Documentary Program is accepting submissions. Pre-sale tickets are available soon.



Submit your Feature Length Screenplay, Short Screenplay, or Teleplay to our Screenplay Competition to be eligble for awards and prizes. 


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