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The Oregon Independent Film Festival tries our best to keep film prices as low as possible to encourage people to come and see as many of screenings as they can.





Box Office


Tickets go on sale in August. OIFF ticketing is through our ticketing service partnership. Please check the OIFF Website for all Oregon Independent Film Festival ticketing information for Portland and Eugene.

Individual event and screening tickets cost between $8.00 and $10.00 for most film screenings & short film programming, with some Premiere Ticket Special Event Screenings tickets at $12.00 per screening. Each year, special, sponsored, free event screenings are announced during the festival.

The Portland, Oregon hosted OIFF Awards Ceremony and Best Picture Screening are only $20.00 per person. OIFF Film Festival After-Parties start at only $30.00 per person or $60.00 for a pass good for every OIFF party event. Come and cheer your favorite new films on, and then come and meet your favorite actors and filmmakers in person at these special festival events.

During summer before the festival starts, the Oregon Independent Film Festival offers our VIP-Access Festival Passes for only $40.00! That's (almost) every general admission movie & shorts program for just $40.00 per city. In August and September and during the festival, these passes go back on sale for only $45.00! Get yours early and save!

These passes are really the best way to enjoy our film festival. With the VIP-Access Festival Passes, you can stay a few days at the festival with the ability to stop into screenings at your leisure to discover films you may not see anywhere else. VIP-Access Festival Passes are not valid for Awards Ceremony, After-Parties, or special event screenings. VIP-Access Festival Passes are good per one year, and per one city only.

Discounts for seniors, students and local residents are available at the door.


Hope to see you at the show!

VIP-Access Tickets


VIP-Access Festival Passes are good for most Film and Short Film programming at the festival (NOT including Special Event Screenings, Best Picture or Awards Ceremony events).


VIP-Access are available online for all of August until the first week in September for $45.00.

VIP-Access passes are then sold in limited supply at the festival box offices in each OIFF festival city for $70.00 as supplies last.



The Oregon Independent Film Festival legendary Documentary Program is accepting submissions.



Submit your Feature Length Screenplay, Short Screenplay, or Teleplay today.


Discounted Tickets for the Oregon Independent Film Festival to go on sale soon.



Submit your film today for the Oregon Independent FIlm Festival. All styles, film lengths, and genres are welcome to apply for selection.



The Oregon Independent Film Festival offers discounts to Students and Residents.