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Rules / Regulations


Failure to comply with the guidelines, rules, regulations, or eligibility may be cause for disqualification. All federal, state and local laws and regulations apply. By entering this competition, entrants release any hold the Oregon Independent Film Festival, it’s Board of Directors, Officers, Staff, and Volunteers, as well as any and all venues screening OIFF films and/or holding OIFF events; from any and all losses, damages, rights, claims, and actions of any kind arising in whole or in part, directly or indirectly, from participation with the competition or in any competition related event.


Submission Format. Please submit Films via Film Freeway (or other festival submissions service) using a secure online screener.

All Submissions must be in English or have English subtitles.

Please submit screenplays via Film Freeway (or other festival submissions service).

DVD’s must be marked with Tracking Number, Directors Name and Film Title, Running Time, and contact information. Avoid stickers as they may damage DVD players.

Screenplays should have a title page with the Film Title, Writers Name, and Tracking Number.

Please send all submissions in the smallest possible shipping envelopes, to help reduce waste.

For immediate acknowledgement of our receipt of your submission, include a self-addressed stamped postcard.

Do not sent Fiber Filled envelopes.

For the sake of deadline fairness, filmmakers cannot send additional, updated or revised versions of submitted films or scripts unless they re-submit and pay separate fees.

Submissions will not be retuned. DO NOT SEND ORIGNALS

Loss And Damage. The Oregon Independent Film Festival cannot accept or assume responsibility in the event of loss or damage.

Screening Process. All films are viewed in their entirety by two pre-screeners and films with average pre-screener grades of C or better are then sent to three or more screeners for review, the films with the best screener reviews and grades are given to the Board Of Directors and our Festival Programmers for final festival program selection.

Please Respect all Deadlines and Fees. Deadlines are postmark deadlines, please have your film in the mail and your fees paid by the deadline date to be considered for submission.

Filmmakers who postmarks submissions after the deadline that they submitted under may be subject to additional fees in order for their film to be considered, with any original fees being considered non-refundable.

Submit as early as possible, not only are fees lower, but it gives your film more time to be considered and can result in extra screenings for films on the bubble of being accepted.

Festival Notifications. It takes one month to process submissions. Please check back with your festival submission agency/site (WAB, Film Festival Life, Film Freeway) one month after submitting to see if your film has been marked as received by the Oregon Independent Film Festival. Due to volume of requests and size of staff, we cannot answer queries about films shipping and receiving status less then three weeks earlier.

Films sent without payment received for over ten days will be deleted and must be re-submitted with new fees paid under the current submission deadline.

OIFF's approximate final festival submission determinations will be decided by early August. Please check both this site & your own submission account on the Notification Date listed under the OIFF festival submission page to see if your film or screenplay has been accepted.

The Festival is held in September or October each year in multiple cites in Oregon, culminating with screening events in Portland, Oregon.

Once your film has been selected for presentation, filmmakers may be asked to send an Exhibition Copy for screening. Please have this version ready to send to us by August 12th as there will only be a small window for receipt of Exhibition Copies and films with copies not received in time may be screened using the original submission DVD.

Screening times and venues are subject to delay or change.

Please note festival dates are subject to change.

Judges, readers, and screeners decisions are final.

Eligibility. You must be 18 years of age or older (or have your parent/guardian to submit on your behalf) to enter the competition. The entered script or film must not be or previously been sold, or produced and must be original work of the author or authors. Multiple authorship allowed. 

The Oregon Independent Film Festival reserves the right to determine the eligibility of any project or film submitted.

Right Of Service. The Oregon Independent Film Festival reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. Any submitter causing a disruption or acting aggressively, disrespectfully or threateningly to any volunteers, staff or employee of the festival may have their film/screenplay pulled from exhibition at any time without refund and be denied re-entry to any festival events.

Submissions Use. All submitted materials become the property of the Oregon Independent Film Festival and will not be returned. By sending your materials to the Oregon Independent Film Festival, you are acknowledge the Oregon Independent Film Festivals right to copy any submitted material, and screen your film or project at least one time in the next year at our Film Festival.

By submitting you are also acknowledging the right to allow Oregon Independent Film Festival use of images and clips from your film or project for the next to 48 months on our website and press materials to promote our festival and events, but NOT for any commercial use reproductions of your film.

Applicants must be 18 years of age or older (or have your parent or guardian submit on minors behalf) to enter the competition.

If your film is accepted, you have two weeks to notify the festival if you do not want a screening of your accepted film. By entering the festival you are giving the festival the right to screen your film in any version the festival sees fit to screen.

By entering you are acknowledging that if the festival is not notified within two weeks (14 days) from the date the festival sends the submitter an email notification of acceptance to the Oregon Independent Film Festival, that the submitted film can and will be programmed and screened at the upcoming Oregon Independent Film Festival. Any requests to pull an accepted film from the festival may be denied by the festival, and any requests for removal made after two (2) weeks from the date of the first sent acceptance email notification, will not be considered.

By entering/submitting to the Oregon Independent Film Festival you are acknowledging that you have ownership and rights to screen the film you have submitted and that you grant the Oregon Independent Film Festival the right to screen that film in the event it is chosen as accepted to be a part of our film festival.

CHANGE LAST THREE PARAGRAPH TEXT TO : By entering, submitters agree to all Oregon Independent Film Festival Rules, Terms, and Conditions; including Oregon Independent Film Festival Terms & Conditions listed in the Oregon Independent Film Festival page on FilmFreeway's festival submission website, as well as the Rules, Terms, and Conditions listed on the Oregon Independent Film Festival’s official website.

By submitting a work to the festival you are agreeing to all the rules and terms on this page, in addition to all Rules, Guidelines, Terms, and Conditions set forth on the Oregon Independent Film Festival event-listing page on FilmFreeway (or any other Film Submission service website).

Thank you for choosing to share your creative work with the Oregon Independent Film Festival.



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