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Submitting via without a box entitles the submitted film to be listed on IMDb the Internet Movie Database. Submit using Withoutabox and contact them today about being listed on IMDb.

Low Fees

We try to offer the lowest submission fees possible in order to help support independent filmmaking. We offer discounts for Oregon Students, Documentary Filmmakers and animators.

Fee Waivers

In order to be fair to all filmmakers we do not offer fee waivers or submission fee discounts below our already industry low prices.


Submission fees go toward paying our already underpaid festival screeners and programming directors and we could not expect the same quality if we asked them to work without pay.


The Oregon Independent Film Festival offers many discounted fee tiers, please check out our Categories, Deadlines and Fees page for more info.

Screenplay Contest

Screenplays in every genre, budget, and theme are invited to compete.

$5000.00 prize for Best Screenplay first place.



Short Screenplay


Submit your project via Film Freeway:

Submit your film.



The Oregon Film Fest wants to see your film!



Use Film Freeway link below to submit your projects hosted on Vimeo.

Mail physical submissions (after payment has been cleared), and all accepted exhibition prints:

Oregon Independent Film Festival

Submissions & Exhibition Dept.

1950 Franklin Blvd

Box #36

Eugene, OR

If mailing physical copy - please mail in smallest shipping packaging possible - to help reduce waste.

Be sure to include your films tracking number on the physical print sent.

Do not send fiber filled envelopes.



Submission Tips


Submit Films via Film Freeway's online screener service.


Submissions must be in English (or have English subtitles available).


Physical prints must be marked with Tracking Number, Directors Name and Film Title, Running Time, and contact information.


For the sake of deadline fairness, filmmakers cannot send additional, updated or revised versions of submitted films or scripts unless they re-submit (and pay separate fees to do so).


Screenplays should have a title page with the Film Title, Writers Name, and Tracking Number.


Except for 35mm Films and Professionally cru-interface DCP's shipped in protective hardshell cases: All other physical-copy Film or Screenplay submissions will not be returned.





The Oregon Independent Film Festival legendary Documentary Program.



Submit your Feature Length Screenplay, Short Screenplay, or Teleplay today.


Discounted Tickets for the Oregon Independent Film Festival.



All styles, film lengths, and genres are welcome to apply for selection.



The Oregon Independent Film Festival offers discounts to Students and Residents.
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